The proposed work is intended to develop a knowledge based system for the support of decision making and knowledge management of Naval Materials (NAVMAT) failures. The objective is to establish a new process in which the scientific and technical staff involved in fleet operations and maintenance will share in an effective and efficient way, feed, access and assess information from various sources (data, images, reports, opinions), all associated with failure of materials, components and systems operating primarily in a marine environment.

In particular, the objectives of NAVMAT are:

  • To erase disruptions in the flow of knowledge (due to the high mobility of personnel and the distribution of knowhow across a fleet),
  • To improve the management of knowledge of critical components failures,
  • To support the decision making in maintenance and supply of marine platform operations,
  • To train and further educate the technical and scientific personnel of the host Organisation,
  • To evaluate the currently available but distributed know-how for benefit of operational readiness,
  • To adopt and explore the potential of semantic web for enriching information and knowledge beyond the Organisation environment (access to public failure incidents information and open access publications).