D3.1 - Methodology and tools for the creation and maintenance of project related multilingual (EL, EN) lexical and semantic resources

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WP3 - Lexical and semantic resources
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This document describes the Navmat ontology. First, in Section 2, we give an overview of WebProtégé, the ontology editor adopted in Navmat, its web interface, its core features and functionalities. In Section 3, we illustrate the structure of the Navmat ontology, and also those thoughts and concerns that guided our steps and justified our choices throughout this process. Section 4 stresses how important the lexical and semantic resources are for the performance of the Navmat system, and how, at the same time, the use of the system itself assists in the evolution of these resources. The report concludes with a quick glance at possible future benefits of using a well-structured failure analysis ontology.