D2.2 - Sustainability / Post-project business strategy

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WP2 - Marketing, Dissemination and Exploitation
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The triple character of NAVMAT dictates the sustainability and post-project business strategy, which is deployed in this document:

  • As an open source software, NAVMAT code, under a BSD/Apache license, for ex-ample, will be available in an appropriate repository, thus al-lowing further development by other organisations and individuals.
  • As a service to the Hellenic Navy, it will continue to be operated and fine-tuned by the Hellenic Naval Academy, its scientific and engineering team and the NAVMAT project Principal Investigator. This includes the setting up, jointly with the Hellenic Navy HQ, of a standardised procedure for system use and content feeding, enrich-ing its capabilities and its features.
  • As a product, NAVMAT platform, adoptable and expandable to other non-naval industries, may be the first item in the business portfolio of a spin-off entity hosted in ahedd (the Attica Hub for the Economy of Data and Devices), a digital innovation hub of NCSR Demokritos. It will also seek the endorsement (as a first best practice) of the newly established Defense Innovation Funding Agency, which is an enterprise set up, supervised by the General Directorate for Defense Investments and Armaments, but operating under private law.

NAVMAT, at its current stage, may be ranked at Technology Readiness Level 5 to 6. To fa-cilitate the development of the prototype to a fully operating engineering system, NAVMAT has to undergo a full scale demonstration in a relevant environment (large scale proof of concept). To do so, specific actions have been taken so as to keep the NAVMAT research team operating.