D2.1 - Dissemination and exploitation plan

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WP2 - Marketing, Dissemination and Exploitation
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The efficient dissemination and exploitation of important research results produced within the project is one of the key objectives of the NAVMAT project and consortium. The aim of this deliverable is to report on the envisaged dissemination and exploitation activities of the project results. The Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (DEP) summarises the project strate-gy and concrete actions to disseminate, exploit and protect the foreground knowledge gen-erated within the project and could serve as a guideline for the dissemination and exploita-tion (D&E) activities to be carried out in the context of the NAVMAT project.

The Plan for the Dissemination and Exploitation is one of the compulsory reports required to be submitted. The current document presents the NAVMAT Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (DEP), as this is defined up to the end of the project’s first year. The two key areas ad-dressed by this deliverable are the dissemination and the exploitation actions.

The Deliverable describes the dissemination activities which demonstrate the added-value and positive impact of the project. Dissemination activities will be performed during the three years of the project (March 2020 – February 2023) and after the end of the project. Across this first year, activities were focused on amplifying the public awareness about the project’s concept, objectives and expected impact through popularised publications, press releases and videos It is worth mentioning that as the resources dedicated to dissemination are restricted, cost-effective ways have been chosen to achieve the maximum of publicity for the project and its results. This initial deliverable aims at the presentation of a suitable dis-semination plan for making the project and its results known all over Greece. The Deliverable also provides the strategic exploitation plan to be carried out jointly from Consortium partners or by individual partners. This initial deliverable aims at presenting the exploitation sce-narios, the plans of industrial partners in the Consortium, and the IPR regulating issues.