D1.1 - Intermediate report

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WP1 - Project Coordination
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NAVMAT project aims at the development of a knowledge-based system dedicated to effective recording, efficient indexing, easy and accurate retrieval of information, history of maintenance and operation concerning every failure incident of marine materials, components and systems in a Naval environment.

The specific targets set for the project half-life duration comprise: the detailed configuration of the processes, the full deployment of the system specifications, the design of the information system behind the interface, the drafting of a dissemination plan and the supply of necessary equipment for the implementation, installation and operation of the system. Having, in advance, taken into account potential supply-chain bureaucratic delays, it was subtly foreseen at the proposal stage, the initial development of the system to take place utilising the computational infrastructure of the cooperating Institute of Informatics of NCRS Demokritos.

The following actions were completed until the interim project report at 21 months from the official start: System Architecture was finalised (Deliverable 4.1, including components and interactions), user scenarios were developed (Deliverable 5.1,  defining the “user story” driven approach), the methodology and the system tools were described (Deliverable 3.1: containing the ontology content and its editor – webprotégé – the web interface and the lexical and semantic resources of the system to allow smart multiliguality and expantionability), the preparations for the inclusion of the NAVMAT service – when completed – to the fields of application of the currently held ISO 9001:2015 (Deliverable 1.4). At the same period the first version of the dynamically updated dissemination plan was drafted (Deliverable 2.1), while a small part of it was implemented through one presentation in ICEAF VI conference, one presentation in Portugal conference and an article in MATEC Web of Conference 349, 03006, 2021. (contribution to Deliverable 2.3, due by the end of the project). Coordination and project management activities are documented through the current Deliverable (Deliverable 1.1, Interim project Report).